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Tons of Soul

Peruvian Palo Santo Wood Incense | Smudge Stick Bundle

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Palo Santo is an aromatic wood found in South America.

Palo Santo, known as Holy Wood, has been used for centuries to clear negative energy, including insects while promoting positive energy. It has a beautiful sweet-citrusy fragrance that many enjoy.  

Each bundle includes 5 sustainably sourced Palo Santo sticks. 


Detoxifies, Cleanses, and Purifies • Relieves Stress and Anxiety • Recharges Energy • Grounds and Centers • Increases Concentration • Elevates Vibration

Wrist size: 7.5” 

This listing is for ONE (1) bracelet.

The item you receive will be similar but not identical to the photo shown.  Measurement and characteristics from bead to bead vary.

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