Our Story

Hi World,

I’m Ton the owner of Tons of Soul based in San Diego, California. I’m a mother of 2, military vet, lover of life.

I’ve owned this shop of sparkles since 2019.

I sell beautiful crystals, minerals, gemstones, and other metaphysical properties such as tarot cards, Palo Santo, and soon much more.
My passion is crystals but getting beautiful charged crystals into EVERY home at reasonable prices.

I crave to build a community where you not only visit to look at and buy beauty crystals but I also want to build you up to become the best version of yourself.

I have live sales on Instagram every two weeks and a sales page on Instagram tons of soul sales

I’m an Aries, so my zen hits a little different. It has a whole lot of oomph, soul, and laughter behind it.

Blessings of abundance and prosperity to you all.

 Tons 🐘