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Tons of Soul

Flower of Life Satin Spar Palmstone

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These Satin Spar Palmstone have been meticulously etched with the Flower of Life sacred geometry.  

The Flower of Life represents the cycle of life and symbolizes creation.  It reminds us that we are all connected.

Satin Spar can is fibrous translucent gypsum that more time than not produces a cat eye or chatoyancy. It’s used to bring good luck, good fortune, and dispels negative energies while removing energy blockages.

Each Palmstone is approx:

L: 2.7 inch

H: 1.1 inch

W: 2.2 inch

This listing is for ONE (1) palmstone.

The measurement and characteristics will vary for each stone. This is a natural stone so there will be natural cracks and crevices.

Thank you for looking!