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Tons of Soul

7 Chakra Gypsum Log Set

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Satin Spar / Selenite - Gypsum

This set includes 7 Satin Spar logs that measure approx. 2 inches each. 6 of the 7 are dyed to reach the ideal chakra color. It's a wonderful set for mediating, making grids, crystal healing, reiki, or giving as a gift.

  • Root chakra. Color: Red
  • Sacral chakra. Color: Orange
  • Heart chakra. Color: Green
  • Throat chakra. Color: Blue
  • Third-eye chakra.  Color: Indigo or purple
  • Crown chakra. Color: Violet or white.

 Selenite comes from the Greek word selenite which means moon, it’s associated with the Crown and Third Eye Chakra. It’s known for having the ability to cleanse one’s auric field, surrounding space, and other crystals.  It’s great at transmuting negative energy into positive Selenite in any form is a soft mineral that is easily scratched and should be kept away from water.

This listing is for ONE (1) 7 Selenite Chakra Set.

This is a sample picture. The measurement and characteristics will vary for each stone.

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